Future Ocean and Coastal Infrastructures Delphi Process Report

The RFRC is a partner on the Perceptions of Climate Change and Social Futures project, a component of the Ocean Frontier Institute (OFI)-funded Future Ocean and Coastal Infrastructures (FOCI) research consortium. The Perceptions research team is led by University of Western Ontario's Howard Ramos, and includes RFRC director Dr. Karen Foster, research associate Rachel McLay, and post-doctoral fellow Dr. Gillian Kerr. The FOCI project as a whole focuses on supporting the development of safe, sustainable, and inclusive coastal communities in the face of climate and ocean change. Its working groups, including the Perceptions team, are researching a wide range of infrastructures to address climate change, including physical and built, natural, political, economic, technological, social, and cultural infrastructures.

As part of this broad project, the Perceptions team conducted a Delphi process to consult FOCI members on the needs for achieving climate change mitigation goals and key actors for climate change mitigation and adaptation in Atlantic Canada. The FOCI research project involves people throughout Atlantic Canada who are engaged in different aspects of building safe, sustainable, and inclusive coastal communities. Consulting FOCI members was a way to involve people with a range of relevant expertise in our research. This report describes the Delphi process we engaged and presents the results it generated.