Farmers’ Markets, Community Supported Agriculture & The Local Food System in Nova Scotia: Consumer Survey Report

October 2020

This report presents results of an online survey of farmers’ market and CSA consumers. Conducted in spring 2020, the survey is one component of a larger study investigating the global footprint of the local food system in Nova Scotia. The objective of the survey was to gather data on farmers’ market and CSA consumers’ perceptions of local food, their motivations for buying local, their knowledge of food production, and where farmers’ markets and CSA participation fit into the rest of their household’s provisioning. As the survey was finalized, the COVID-19 pandemic swept the globe, and questions were added to capture the impact of the pandemic on consumer behaviours and views.

The survey is part of a larger project funded and scientifically supervised by the Mobile Lives Forum, as part of its research program on the mobility transition. The Mobile Lives Forum is a research and prospective institute created by SNCF. Learn more about the full project here and download the survey report below.